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Auto Slice and View 4.0 Software

New, reimagined 3D imaging software

Auto Slice and View software revolutionizes raw data collection from DualBeam™ instruments by automating the acquisition of high-resolution 3D images. It acquires data by milling serial sections (slices) and then imaging each slice of a user-defined volume of the sample. This software enables study of the 3D structure and composition of samples at the nanometer scale.

Auto Slice and View software helps make 3D imaging faster, easier, more accurate, and cost effective. Ultimately, the results provide a better representation of all the information available from the sample volume, significantly improving laboratory productivity.

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Imaging plus analytical analysis

Imaging can be combined with analytical capabilities, such as energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry (EDS) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), to ensure that no information is lost in the sectioning of the sample. Automated procedures can be modified on-the-fly, with the ability to add analytical signals if an unexpected feature is revealed. Imaging and analysis can be dynamically directed to selected areas of the section or applied only on certain slices to save time. Slice and View software analyses can be performed at multiple sites to allow long, unattended runs overnight or on weekends. Advanced tiling and stitching capabilities maintain high spatial resolution over sections larger than a single field of view.

Easier to use

New algorithms help to ensure uniform thickness of the slices and precise and reproducible placement of each cut, allowing for higher accuracy. A redesigned user interface optimizes user guidance and ensures that critical information is presented if needed. A prompted workflow approach streamlines the setup of automated procedures, and any procedure can be tagged as a template to serve as the basis for future analyses.