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Focused Ion Beams

Vion Plasma Focused Ion Beam for Materials Science

Wide range of materials characterization, failure analysis, and sample preparation

The Thermo Scientific™ Vion™ Plasma Focused Ion Beam system (PFIB) is especially well-suited for metals, composites, and coatings, allowing you to:

  • Create site-specific cross sections quickly
  • Achieve greater milling speed without sacrificing quality for large area and repetitive milling projects, as well as for low sputter rate materials like steel
  • Perform fast, site-specific micromachining of structures and surfaces for dynamic compression or tensile testing
  • Prepare high quality, site-specific surfaces for Electron Back Scattered Diffraction analysis
  • Prepare specimens for other imaging and characterization techniques like SEM and TEM
  • Gain sub-30 nm image resolution for quick identification and metrology of thin layers and structures.

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High-speed, large-area cross-sectioning and material removal

The Vion Plasma FIB adds significantly more capacity to your lab with best-in-class milling and imaging performance in a single, easy-to-use instrument. Increase throughput over conventional gallium-based FIB by more than 20 times for site-specific, cross-sectional milling and large region of interest preparation for other analytical techniques.