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V400ACE Focused Ion Beam for Semiconductors

High performance circuit edit and design debug solution

The Thermo Scientific™ V400ACE™ Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system is specifically designed to meet the challenges of advanced designs and processes: smaller geometries, higher circuit densities, exotic materials, and complex interconnect structures. The V400ACE FIB can be configured for backside editing with an optional IR microscope and bulk silicon trenching package. Our Tomahawk™ Ion Column delivers unrivalled capability and flexibility with seamless operation from 30 kV to 2 kV. High current density milling at 30 kV ensures rapid material removal and increased throughput, while low-kV operation is useful for selective etching of copper. FIB circuit editing tools use controlled amounts of specific gases, injected near the beam at the sample surface, to enhance the speed and selectivity of the milling process and to deposit conductive and insulating materials in precisely controlled patterns. The V400ACE FIB's innovative NanoChemix™ gas delivery system increases editing flexibility with variable pressure control and a wide variety of solid, liquid, or gas precursor materials. Simultaneous, auto-scaled plots of secondary electron and specimen current signals ensure reliable, accurate end point detection when the milling procedure reaches the target structure.

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The V400ACE FIB system incorporates the latest developments in ion column design, gas delivery, and end point detection to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective editing on advanced integrated circuits.

Additional Key Features

  • Fast, precise circuit modifications allow design changes in hours without processing new silicon
  • NanoChemix gas delivery system provides improved speed, flexibility, uniformity, and quality in material removal and deposition
  • Tomahawk ion column delivers more current to a smaller spot for faster, more precise milling
  • Simultaneous plots of SE and specimen current improve end point detection
  • Fast, accurate cross sectioning reveals defects and subsurface features
  • Best-in-class thin sample preparation and 3D characterization and analysis

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V400ACE Focused Ion Beam datasheet

Circuit editing allows product designers to reroute conductive pathways and test the modified circuits in hours, rather than the weeks or months that would be required to generate new masks and process new wafers.

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