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Electrical Failure Analysis

Meridian V System for Semiconductors

Optimized dynamic LSM platform

  • Performance optical path for best imaging
  • Architecture supports automated test equipment (ATE) docking and back-side (B/S) analysis
  • Mobility for the lab; high power cooling options

Best-in-class performance

  • Laser voltage probing (LVP) and laser voltage imaging (LVI) for timing and functional analysis
  • Dynamic laser simulation (DLS) for critical path analysis
  • Powerful and easy-to-use Sierra Software GUI

Dynamic electrical fault isolation

  • Transistor- and cell-level fault localization
  • Isolate design-process marginalities
Proven on 14nm technology node

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Configuration & Features

Highest performance solid immersion lens (SIL) and imaging

  • Optimized monochromatic optical path
  • "Point & Click" high numerical aperture (NA) SIL (3.1, 2.9NA)
  • Polarization-optimized imaging

Industry “Gold Standard” LVx

  • High performance 1320nm LVI and LVP
  • Low frequency and high bandwidth options
  • High resolution 1064nm LVx option

Performance confocal LSM

  • Static and dynamic laser stimulation; SLS Lock-in
  • Dual wavelength near infrared (NIR system) (1064, 1320/1340)


  • Sierra software suite
  • Based on Ruby optics