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Scios 2 DualBeam for Materials Science

The most versatile high-performance DualBeam instrument

The Thermo Scientific™ Scios™ 2 DualBeam™ is an ultra-high-resolution analytical FIB-SEM system that provides outstanding sample preparation and 3D characterization performance for the widest range of samples, including magnetic and non-conductive materials. With innovative features designed to increase throughput, precision, and ease of use, the Scios 2 DualBeam is an ideal solution to meet the needs of scientists and engineers in advanced research and analysis across academic, government, and industrial research environments.

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Scios 2 DualBeam provides:

  • Fast and easy preparation of high-quality, site-specific, TEM and Atom probe samples using the Sidewinder HT ion column.
  • Ultra-high resolution imaging using NICol electron column with best-in-class performance on the widest range of samples, including magnetic and non-conductive materials.
  • The most complete sample information with sharp, refined, and charge-free contrast obtained from a variety of integrated in-column and below-the-lens detectors.
  • Access to high-quality, multi-modal subsurface and 3D information with precise targeting of the region of interest using optional Auto Slice & View™ 4 (AS&V4) software.
  • Precise sample navigation tailored to individual application needs thanks to the high flexibility 110 mm stage and in-chamber Nav-Cam.
  • Artifact-free imaging and patterning with dedicated modes such as SmartScan™, DCFI and Drift Suppression.
  • Optimization of your solution to meet specific application requirements thanks to flexible DualBeam configuration.

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Webinar: Advanced DualBeam automation for every need

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Fast and easy preparation of high-quality TEM samples

Scientists and engineers constantly face new challenges that require highly localized characterization of increasingly complex samples with ever smaller features. The latest technological innovations of the Scios 2 DualBeam, in combination with the easiest-to-use, most comprehensive AutoTEM™ 4 software (optional) and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s application expertise, allow for fast and easy preparation of site-specific HR-S/TEM samples for a wide range of materials. In order to achieve the high-quality results, final polishing with low-energy ions is required to minimize surface damage on the sample. The Sidewinder HT Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column not only delivers high-resolution imaging and milling at high voltages, but has also good low-voltage performance, enabling the creation of high-quality TEM lamella.

3D reconstruction of W-Mo-Cu sample using a combination of BSE (green-blue) and EDS (orange) data, which has been produced with a Scios DualBeam, AS&V4 and Avizo software.

Alumina nanospheres imaged with Scios 2 DualBeam at 1 kV. Image courtesy of Mark Darus, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Scios 2 DualBeam datasheet

The innovative NICol™ electron column provides the foundation of the system’s high-resolution imaging and detection capabilities. It offers excellent nanoscale details, using the widest range of working conditions, whether operating at 30 keV in STEM mode to access structural information or at lower energies to obtain charge-free, detailed information from the surface. With its unique in-lens Trinity™ detection technology, the system is designed for simultaneous acquisition of angular and energy-selective SE and BSE imaging.

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