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Heliscan microCT

The most versatile micro computed-tomography (microCT) solution for quantitative analysis.

HeliScan™ pioneers a new generation of microCT technology for a variety of research applications: unique helical scanning and iterative reconstruction technology produce unsurpassed image fidelity and deliver the highest signal to noise ratio compared to traditional circular scanning technology.

The unique benefits of Heliscan include:

  • Capture high-fidelity images from tall samples by using a single continuous scan to completely eliminate artifacts common to multi-scan stitching methods
  • Detect the contours of your sample in the initial scan using a novel auto envelope workflow technique. No other microCT system features such a capability. 
  • Prevent well-known motion deformation from taking effect with an advanced artifacts correction technique to flatten the helical trajectory.

Heliscan microCT for Materials Science

HeliScan brings a new era of microCT to Materials Science by leveraging advanced helical scanning and iterative reconstruction technology to produce unsurpassed image fidelity. As part of a multi-scale imaging solution, HeliScan enables scientists to gain valuable insight from internal structures to explore and validate a wide range of material properties.

Multi-Scale Workflow

HeliScan is a valuable component of a multi-scale, multi-modal workflow that may progress through higher-resolution imaging with a focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope to atomic-scale analysis in a transmission electron microscope.

Product Models

Heliscan microCT for Oil and Gas

HeliScan offers image accuracy and resolution that helps geologists, core analysts, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers learn about the microstructural context of their core samples. Bridging the gap between whole core CT and SEM datasets, HeliScan is the ideal choice for visualization of experiments, quantitative property assessments, and high resolution digital archiving of core plug samples.

Image Accuracy Matters

Whether conducting 4D experiments, detailed research, scanning and digitizing of samples for future archives, or quantifying porosity, permeability and dynamic rock properties, helical microCT scanning technology delivers the optimal user experience. 

Product Models