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Electron Microscopy Solutions

Kimmeridge Source Rock: In situ Visualization of Oil and Gas Generation from Dynamic Thermal Maturation in an ESEM" by Dahl, Skinner, Castagna, Goergen and Lemmens. (Stanford Univ. and Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Exploration-to-Production Solutions

Digital Rock for Economic Decision-Making

Understanding pore-scale features and heterogeneity of reservoir rock gives greater insight into what actually controls hydrocarbon flow capacity. When defining, developing, and depleting an asset, the associated risks, recovery factors, and estimated reserves will dynamically change over the lifecycle of the field.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's game-changing Digital Rock Technology and Solutions helps E&P operators make critical economic decisions faster with unprecedented clarity. Understanding the micro- and nano-scale mechanisms of reservoir rock helps operators and geoscientists resolve complex reservoir issues and aids cost-effective ultimate recovery in a variety of conventional and unconventional plays.

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