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Innovative materials play essential roles in clean energy, transportation, human health, and industrial productivity. Whether exploring alternative energy sources or developing stronger, lighter materials and sophisticated nanodevices, scientists turn to Thermo Fisher Scientific to help them find answers. Our workflows offer vast exploration and experimentation capabilities. Our expertise helps refine materials imaging, analysis, and characterization. As a result, customers have scaled new heights of discovery and recognition, including winning a Nobel Prize.

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Expand your research capabilities with TEM upgrades & accessories

Our instruments have been designed and engineered to serve various different applications. Over time however, new research questions might arise triggering a need for extension of the capabilities of your instrument. Thermo Fisher Scientific helps with a broad portfolio of accessories and software upgrades to keep your instrument up to speed with current demands.

See what your instrument is capable of, and upgrade your instrument with our dedicated accessories and software solutions. Check our dedicated Tecnai Upgrades  and Titan Upgrades  pages for more information.


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Featured Accessory

NanoEx-i/v TEM holder

Thermo Scientific™ specimen heating & biasing holder will expand the capability of your microscope. NanoEx-i/v is the ideal solution for precise experiments in a wide range of applications that require in situ heating of nanomaterial, such as studies of nanoscale annealing behavior, of phase transformations in metals, of structural changes and sintering phenomena in catalyst nanosystems, of quenching, of segregation/diffusion phenomena, and more.

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Materials Science Brochure

Download the full brochure to learn more about Thermo Fisher Scientific's solutions for materials science and how they are enabling researchers to drive discovery and innovation.

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