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Large Volume Analysis

Highest Quality Isotropic 3D Data from Large Sample Volumes

Unraveling the complex 3D architecture of cells and tissues in their natural context is crucial for gaining understanding of the structure–function correlation in biological systems. Our novel serial block-face imaging (SBFI) solution enables excellent z-resolution from Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM (MED-SEM) combined with the efficiency of in situ sectioning. Automation and ease-of-use increase the productivity of operators of varying levels of expertise, allowing for acquisition of large sample volumes at isotropic resolution.

Challenges in Large Volume Analysis

Until now, the axial resolution in serial block face imaging (SBFI) was limited by the minimal section thickness that can be physically cut from the block-face using an in-chamber microtome. However, with a combination of SBF-SEM and Multi-Energy Deconvolution SEM (MED-SEM), our Large Volume Analysis workflow solution now enables large-volume imaging with truly isotropic 3D resolution. This is achieved by acquiring data from multiple layers of the sample in between the physical cuts using different beam energies. The combination of mechanical sectioning and optical sectioning using multi-energy deconvolution provides true isotropic resolution. Optimized detectors and low-vacuum operation ensure high-quality imaging. The acquisition software provides automation of processes ranging from low-level setup and alignment to walkaway acquisition of a complete image series. This approach includes a complete workflow from initial setup to final results, including software solutions for large area/volume analysis, LM image overlay, reconstruction, visualization, and segmentation.

Zebrafish Embryo Head

Large Volume Analysis Application Examples

Products for Large Volume Analysis

Apreo SEM for Materials Science
The Apreo SEM's revolutionary compound lens design combines electrostatic and magnetic immersion technology to yield unprecedented resolution and signal selection. This makes the Apreo SEM the platform of choice for research on nanoparticles, catalysts, powders and nanodevices, without compromising on magnetic sample performance.
VolumeScope SEM for Life Sciences
The Thermo Scientific VolumeScope™ SEM is the first Serial Block Face imaging solution combining physical sectioning with our proprietary virtual slicing method to enable automated acquisition of large volumes with dramatically improved axial resolution.
Helios G4 CX DualBeam for Materials Science
The latest technological innovations of the Thermo Scientific™ Helios G4 CX DualBeam™ microscope, in combination with the easiest to use, most comprehensive software and our application expertise, allow Helios G4 CX with optional AS&V4 software for the highest-quality, fully automated acquisition of multi-modal 3D datasets.
Helios G4 UX DualBeam for Materials Science
The latest technological innovations of the Thermo Scientific™ Helios G4 DualBeam™ microscope, in combination with the easiest to use, most comprehensive software and our application expertise, allow for the fastest and easiest preparation of site-specific, ultra-thin HR-S/TEM samples for a wide range of materials.
Scios DualBeam for Life Sciences
The Thermo Scientific™ Scios DualBeam™ is our newest DualBeam featuring an electron column specifically designed to perform high throughput two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) characterization of all materials, including insulating or magnetic materials. It also includes the new Trinity™ detector suite, comprising of three highly-efficient, in-lens detectors, offering the broadest range of sample information simultaneously. The Focused Ion Beam enables site specific, fast milling of highest quality, ultra thin lamella to meet any S/TEM application requirement.

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