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Carbon and Oxygen Particles

Detail of lacey, soot combustion agglomerate with 50-150 nm primary particles composed primarily of carbon and oxygen, collected with UNC passive air sampler in agricultural region.

Courtesy of Jeff Wagner

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 9,974x
Sample: Airborne particulate matter from rural air
Detector: SE
Voltage: 20 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 5μm
Working Distance: 10.0 mm

Crystal with red cells

Crystalline foreign body in contact with red cells in a section of a blood vessel.

Courtesy of Dr. Antonietta Gatti , Nanodiagnostics

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 8000
Sample: crystal with red cells
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 15
Vacuum: 0.80
Horizontal Field Width: 37.30
Working Distance: 10
Spot: 3.8

Ti-rich Sulfide from Meteorite

Sub-micrometer grains of a Ti-rich sulfide phase were discovered in the Yamato 691 meteorite. The FIB was used at NASA-JSC Labs. to extract a thin x-section of the grains. Subsequent TEM analyses verified the composition and crystal structure of the phase and and a new mineral was discovered. In the picrure, the sub-micron grain of the new mineral is shown in yellow color.

Courtesy of ZIA RAHMAN

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 1,500x
Sample: Meteorite, Yamato 691
Detector: STEM
Voltage: 200 kv
Vacuum: 0.2 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 4.10 um
Spot: 3.0

Curved Crystals

silica array

Courtesy of Oliver Meckes

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 14 000x
Sample: silica
Detector: SE+BSE
Voltage: 5 kv
Vacuum: high vac.
Working Distance: app. 8mm
Spot: 3


Nd-Fe-B Alloy

Courtesy of yang yu

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 25,000x
Sample: Nd-Fe-B Alloy
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5kV
Vacuum: High Vacuum
Working Distance: 5.1mm

ZnO microparticles.

ZnO microparticles obtained by hydrothermal synthesis using microwave heating.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 33,000x
Sample: Zinc oxide.
Detector: MIX: SE plus BSE
Voltage: 30 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 9.04 μm
Working Distance: 9.8
Spot: 1.5

Solar Thaw

The image shows the fracture of molybdenum thin film grown on a polymer substrate. Molybdenum thin films is used as back contact layer in CuInGaSe based solar cells. Co-authors: Máximo León M., Isidoro Ignacio Poveda, Enrique Rodríguez Cañas, Esperanza Salvador R.

Courtesy of Dr. Eberhardt Josue Friedrich Kernahan , Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Taken by SEM microscope

Magnification: 20,000x
Voltage: 10 kV
Working Distance: 5.7
Spot: 3.0

Short circuit causing dendrites.

Short circuit causing dendrites.

Courtesy of Mr. Daniel Rigler , Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Taken by Inspect microscope

Sub Micron Particle

Overmold compound between metal lines on a GaAs PA.

Courtesy of Esteban Diaz

Taken by Helios NanoLab microscope

Magnification: 50000x
Detector: STEM II
Voltage: 30 kV
Working Distance: 4.3 mm

3D Gallium Microsphere

Image shows Gallium Microsphere grown by MOCVD (metalorganic chemical vapor deposition) with a fractal type deposit, possibly a carbon nanomembrane, on its surface. Part of the structure takes a conical shape, connecting the particle to the substrate. Courtesy of Dr. Marco Antonio Sacilotti (UFPE/DF) who is co-author of the image and responsible for this scientific research.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 45,000x
Sample: Gallium
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 30 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 6.63 µm
Working Distance: 11.1
Spot: 1.5

Single Crystal Superalloy

Fracture surface of a HCF test piece of a single Crystal superalloy

Courtesy of Inaki Madariaga

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 20x
Voltage: 15.0 kV
Working Distance: 9.9 mm
Spot: 4.4

The gold island

This colorized image represents a residue of silver paste used for electrical discharge of the surface during a particular preparation of a TEM sample. The top view is similar to the satellite view of a paradisiac island in the pacific ocean.

Courtesy of Dr. Cyril GUEDJ , CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus

Taken by FIB microscope

Magnification: 35,000x
Sample: silver on processed silicon
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: ?
Horizontal Field Width: 3,6
Working Distance: 4.9 mm


It is quite strange zirconium diboride neoformation, snake-like in shape, due to impregnation of organic porous templant. Effects of crystal growth are visible as topographic altitude curves on surfaces

Courtesy of Dr. Mauro Mazzocchi , Italian National Council of Research

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 4,000x
Sample: Zirconium diboride
Detector: SE
Voltage: 8kV
Vacuum: -
Working Distance: 9.0
Spot: 2.5

silver and copper

silver particles and copper perfect copper crystals

Courtesy of wadah mahmoud

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 8,000
Sample: copper thin wire
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: HV
Working Distance: 10.6
Spot: 3.0

Mountain Cedar Pollen

From December through February, many people experience an itchy, runny nose, sneezing, nasal blockage, excess tearing and itchy eyes.If you experience the above symptoms every year during these months, the chance is great that you have Mountain Cedar allergy. This conditions are mostly caused by this pollen.

Courtesy of Steve Hield

Taken by DualBeam microscope

Magnification: 80000x
Sample: Cedar Pollen caoted with Cr.
Detector: TDL
Voltage: 2kV
Horizontal Field Width: 4μm
Working Distance: 4.617mn
Spot: 5 nA

Titanium nitride nanofibers

One dimensional titanium nitride nanofibers prepared by electrospinning

Courtesy of Dr. Wei Luo , Oregon state university

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 20,000X
Sample: Titanium nitride
Detector: SE
Voltage: 10 kV
Vacuum: 0.1 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 5.97 μm
Working Distance: 4.9 mm
Spot: 3.0

Earthquake of CaSO4

Bi-hydrate calcium sulphate cooked to a temperature of 130 ° C and 200 ° C. The remaining water is removed to obtain anhydrous calcium sulphate (CaSO4)

Courtesy of Marco Casinelli

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 300x
Sample: CaSO4 crystals
Detector: SSD
Voltage: 25 kV
Vacuum: 0.3 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 900 μm
Working Distance: 53 mm
Spot: 4.5

Ir nanoparticles on carbon xerogel microballs

Negativo de imagen HAADF de nanopartículas de Iridio depositadas sobre microesferas de xerogel de carbón. HAADF negative image of iridium deposited on carbon xerogel microballs.

Courtesy of Dr. María del Mar Abad Ortega , Universidad de Granada

Taken by Krios microscope

Magnification: 80000 X

Spiral Screw

Front view of the spiral of a screw

Courtesy of Maria Carbajo

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 100x
Sample: screw
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5.0 kV
Vacuum: 8.8e-4 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 3.0 mm
Working Distance: 15.1 mm
Spot: 5.0

Stainless steel II

Stainless steel microstructure.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 10,000x
Sample: Stainless steel.
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 2.3 e-4 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 29.8 µm
Working Distance: 9.7
Spot: 4.5


Mexican chicken composed by quartz and iron oxide.

Courtesy of Mr. Ivan Jimenez Boone , Peñoles

Taken by MLA microscope

Magnification: 900x
Sample: Feed
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 25kV
Working Distance: 10.0
Spot: 7.3

The Heart of Nanowire

Ni Nanowires in a polymer matrix

Courtesy of Gerald Poirier

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 2696x
Detector: Se and BSE
Voltage: 15Kv
Vacuum: 2x10-5
Horizontal Field Width: 111 μm
Working Distance: 10.6 mm
Spot: 3 nA

Bimith Oxide Flower

The image is taken by Quanta 450 FEG. Image is of Bismith Oxide , for photo catalysis application.

Courtesy of Dr. Rehan Ahmad , King adbul aziz University

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 60000
Sample: Bismith Oxide
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 30 KV
Working Distance: 9.0
Spot: 305


Image of a leaf acquired and colorized by high school student Chiara Ferrari-Wong.

Courtesy of Mrs. Alyssa Waldron , Bergen County Technical Schools

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Iron Oxide

Image obtained during the examination of an automotive light bulb to determine the cause of premature rupture of the filament. It shows a layer of iron oxide, involving a tungsten filament. At the bottom, the presence of liquid phase indicates that there was overheating due to short circuit.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 3963x
Detector: Mix: SE + BSE
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 9.27e-7 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 75,3 μm
Working Distance: 10.8 mm
Spot: 2.0 nA