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Scent of Rose

Image obtained by degradation of an additive with the electron beam.

Courtesy of Marco Casinelli

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 6000
Sample: Inorganic additive
Detector: SSD
Voltage: 20
Vacuum: 39.47
Horizontal Field Width: 44.93 um
Working Distance: 10.1
Spot: 5

Mitylus skeleton

Skeleton of a mytilus

Courtesy of Dr. Antonietta Gatti , Nanodiagnostics

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 6,000x
Sample: mytilus
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 20
Vacuum: 0.61Torr
Horizontal Field Width: 49.73
Working Distance: 12.7
Spot: 3.8

Graphite Monkey

Graphite onion-like structures on an amorphous holey-carbon film.

Courtesy of Yaron Kauffmann

Taken by Krios microscope

Magnification: 670,000x
Detector: Gatan CCD
Voltage: 300 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 0.058 μm
Working Distance: 5 nm
Spot: 3.0 nA

Star shape percipitation

While I was exploring my laser clad sample, I found this beautiful star shining on the screen.

Courtesy of Mr. SEYYED HABIB ALAVI , Oklahoma State University

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 29000
Sample: Laser clad steel
Detector: SE
Voltage: 20 kV
Working Distance: 10.5
Spot: 6.0

Gold particles on a Carbon Substrate

Gold particles on a carbon substrate, in tilted position with very strong materials contrast in order to reveals grains and contamination. Imaged using 2kV landing energy and the MD detector Product: Verios SEM

Taken by Verios XHR SEM microscope

Tungsten Filament

Examination of an automotive lamp to determine the cause of premature rupture.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 932X
Detector: SE
Voltage: 10 kV
Vacuum: 1.6e-6 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 320 μm
Working Distance: 37.4 mm
Spot: 3.1 nA

Defective ball bond

SEM micrograph of a lifted defective ball bond.

Courtesy of Mr. Daniel Rigler , Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 2617x
Sample: gold
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 20 kV
Vacuum: 10e-4 Pa
Working Distance: 15 mm
Spot: 4.5

Blowing Bubbles


Courtesy of Mrs. Zehra Sinem YILMAZ , İzmir Institute of Technology Center for Materials Research

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 11,500x
Sample: TiO2
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15 kV
Vacuum: 1.41e-3 Pa
Horizontal Field Width: 36 μm
Working Distance: 9.1
Spot: 5.0

Zirconia Grains

Fine Detail of Grains on Thermally Etched Dental Zirconia.

Courtesy of Mr. William Monroe , University of Alabama at Birmingham

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Sample: Thermally Etched Dental Zirconia
Detector: SE
Voltage: 30 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 1.4 μm


Nd-Fe-B Alloy

Courtesy of yang yu

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 25,000x
Sample: Nd-Fe-B Alloy
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5kV
Vacuum: High Vacuum
Working Distance: 5.1mm

Zoning of Zircon

The Zoning of Zircon.

Courtesy of Xiaohu Tang

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 6000x
Sample: Zircon
Detector: CL
Voltage: 10kV
Vacuum: 4E-5 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 50um
Working Distance: 12.0 mm
Spot: 5.0 nA

Crystal of Acid in PANI Gel

Single crystal of acid in PANI gel matrix

Courtesy of Monica Ceniceros

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 550x
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 5 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 200μm)
Working Distance: 6.6
Spot: 4.5

Gold Mushroom

Gold Nanorods are electrochemically grown to produce SERS active surfaces. Each rod has a diameter of approximately 200nm, however, the length is dependent on the deposition time. If the deposition time is too long, then rods become longer than the template. Without site directed growth, the gold forms larger aggregates, which resulted in the formation of the gold mushroom after the template was removed.

Courtesy of Jay Leitch

Taken by Inspect microscope

Magnification: 2000X
Sample: Gold
Detector: SE
Voltage: 20 KV
Working Distance: 10.2 mm
Spot: 3.5


Yeast, cryo-SEM image, false colured

Courtesy of Bryony James

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 7500x
Detector: TLD
Voltage: 5keV
Working Distance: 5.4 mm
Spot: 4.0 nA


Image of a dentine sample acquired using a scanning electron microscope. It shows the dentinal tubules viewed after demineralization using etching with 37% phosphoric acid for 15 seconds and 10% sodium hypochlorite for 1 minute. The colors were obtained by mixing the signals of secondary and backscattered electrons. The mixing is performed using the software FEI Company.


Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Sample: Human tooth.
Detector: Mix: SE plus BSE.
Voltage: 10 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 29.8 µm
Working Distance: 11

Nano Spyder

Nano Spyder

Courtesy of Frans Holthuysen

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 5000x
Sample: Nanotubes Silicon
Detector: TLD
Voltage: 15 kV
Working Distance: 5.7 mm
Spot: 3 nA

Coscinodiscus Simbirskianus

Fragment of surface of diatom cell.

Courtesy of Ekaterina Nikitina

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 11000 x
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 20 kv
Working Distance: 14.9 mm

Ruptured Gold Thin Film

A gold thin film on an ultra fine grained copper specimen, which was strained approximately 20%.

Courtesy of Joern Leuthold

Taken by Nova NanoSEM microscope

Magnification: 4000x
Sample: Gold on copper
Detector: vCD
Voltage: 5 kV
Vacuum: 3*10^-6 mbar
Horizontal Field Width: 74.6 µm
Working Distance: 5.5
Spot: 3

Cut the Red One

Image of the wires found in a headphone cable. Student image courtesy of Yve Lepkowski.

Courtesy of Craig Queenan

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 120X
Sample: Frayed Headphone Cable
Detector: ETD
Voltage: 30kV
Working Distance: 8.1mm
Spot: 3.0

Copper Cupcake

Copper metal with a sulfur and chromium reaction ring

Courtesy of Laura Schlimgen

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 500x
Detector: BSE
Voltage: 25 kV
Horizontal Field Width: 50 μm
Working Distance: 10.9 mm
Spot: 6.8 nA

The Great Wall of Light

The array of micro-gratings fabricated on the facet of violet-blue InGaN semiconductor laser structure using ion beam provides high reflection to light beam emitted from the laser. It looks like array of walls to block, resist and reflect the light beam back to its origin direction.

Courtesy of Mr. Chao Shen , KAUST

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope

Magnification: 20,000X
Sample: GaN
Detector: SE
Voltage: 5 kV
Working Distance: 10.0
Spot: 5.0

Human blood cells

Human blood cells: Monoocyte Red blood cells

Courtesy of Louisa Howard

Taken by Quanta SEM microscope

Magnification: 15000
Sample: human blood cells
Detector: SE
Voltage: 15kV
Working Distance: 7.3
Spot: 3.0

Clay on quartz

Clay on quartz, with false colour

Courtesy of Dr. jim Buckman , Heriot-Watt University

Taken by SEM microscope

Detector: BSE
Vacuum: low vacuum

ARF Resist Qimonda

ARF Resist Qimonda

Taken by Helios NanoLab G3 microscope

Purple Petal

Image of a flower petal; courtesy of student Sara Kuzmenka.

Courtesy of Alyssa Calabro

Taken by Quanta 3D microscope