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Deca Upgrade

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the new Deca system infrastructure upgrade developed specifically for the Thermo Scientific™ Helios™ NanoLab 650 and 660 DualBeam systems. Hardware upgrades include a new microscope controller and new 24-inch monitors. Depending on system configuration, detector architecture hardware will be upgraded to enable triple in-lens detection with the in-column and mirror detectors. Deca’s software upgrade features the xT 10 user interface and runs on a Windows 7 64-bit platform.

Key Benefits:

  • 64-bit OS that enables large data management
  • User interface with latest controls and ease-of-use
  • Upgrade to Thermo Scientific™ Auto Slice & View™ 4 Software
  • Upgrade to Thermo Scientific™ iFAST™ 3 Software with guided sample prep
  • Upgrade to triple in-lens/in-column detection for most systems
  • Upgrade to STEM 3+ Detector
  • Upgrade to advanced gas chemistry hardware

How to discover the Upgrades & Accessories for your Thermo Scientific Helios NanoLab 650 and 660 DualBeam systems

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EasyLift NanoManipulator

EasyLift NanoManipulator - Enables precise, site-specific preparation of ultra-thin TEM lamellae​

  • Promotes operator confidence for in situ TEM sample lift-outs—critical for one-of-a-kind samples.
  • Pairs with iFAST Software for consistent, repeatable preparation and lift-out of ultra-thin TEM samples.
  • Allows simple “click and drag” movement due to EasyLift NanoManipulator’s full integration with the Dualbeam xT UI.
  • Supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific expert applications knowledge in TEM lamella prep solutions.

Integrated and intuitive controls​

  • Controls are fully integrated in the DualBeam UI​
  • Click-and-drag direct control
  • Navigation to saved positions
EasyLift NanoManipulator controls are integrated in the Helios DualBeam UI
EasyLift NanoManipulator Click-and-Drag​

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Advanced gas chemistry delivery​

Thermo Scientific™ MultiChem™ System - Advanced gas chemistry injection system with up to 6 integrated chemistries

  • Supports gas mixing
  • Customizable gas flow control​
  • Optimized needle positioning for electron- and ion beam-induced deposition or etching​
  • Support for up to two MultiChem systems on one microscope​

Single GIS

  • Workhorse for sample preparation and Slice & View applications
  • Easily tuneable to specific chemistries requirements (e.g. Co deposition) or application requirements (e.g. customized nozzle)

MultiChem System​

  • Improves deposition and etching properties (e.g. purity), process (e.g. speed), diversity
  • Introduces new chemistries (gaseous precursors) and gas mixing
  • Occupies only one GIS port

MultiChem System – Optimized conditions for gas flow control​

  • Automated gas flow regulation
  • Gas mixing​
  • Accurate motorized needle positioning​

Fully Integrated. Needle optimally positioned less than 100 µm ​from beam position
Height measurements of the Pt deposits

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Triple in-lens/in-column detection system comprised of the through-the-lens (SE/BSE detector), mirror detector (BSE detector) and in-column detector (BSE detector).

STEM 3+ Detector offers expanded segmentation of detector, with improved ease of use to obtain the highest resolution.

Triple In-Column Detection​

SE and low-loss BSE imaging and low energies​

Precisely select the signal of interest; not only BSE or SE, but also angle and energy. Fine compositional details of materials are revealed.​

Duplex brass featuring alpha and beta phases​. Left: LE 500 eV, SE. Right: LE 2 keV, low-loss BSE. Courtesy: E. Bosch, S. Sluyterman, I. Gestmann, L. Roussel, M&M12​​

Simultaneous MD and ICD BSE imaging​​

Precisely select the signal of interest; not only BSE or SE, but also angle and energy. Fine compositional details of materials are revealed.​

Landing Energy: 2 keV​ | Magnification: 150kX​
Detector: MD (left) and ICD (right)

Benefits of in-lens/in-column detection​​​

Precisely select the signal of interest; not only BSE or SE, but also angle and energy. Fine compositional details of materials are revealed.​

Detector: Simultaneous TLD/ICD/MD​
ICD did very well at showing clear delineation of the Si3N4

Retractable STEM 3+ Detector

The STEM 3+ Detector offers 11 individually addressable segments​

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Application Software

Auto Slice & View 4 Software (AS&V) - Our latest automated FIB tomography acquisition application. Includes accurate autofocus, multi-area acquisition and unification of EBS3, EDS3 and AS&V.

iFAST Software - Our most advanced visual authoring environment that automates routine tasks and includes guided S/TEM sample preparation.

New key features in Auto Slice & View 4 Software​

  • Multi-area image acquisition
  • 16-bit image acquisition
  • New workflow setup
  • Edit running projects
  • Multi-site acquisition
  • Unification of EDS3, EBS3. and AS&V Software

Auto Slice & View 4 Software​

Key features:​

  • Autofocus​
  • Drift tracking​
  • Data review​
  • Image processing
  • Multi-detector acquisition​
  • Slice thickness tracking​
  • Optimization of imaging conditions​
  • SEM or FIB image acquisition​
  • Full analytical support
  • On-the-fly editing
  • Every N-slice
  • Edge base cut placement​
  • Multisite support​
  • Tiling and stitching improvements​
  • Improvements to site preparation procedure​

iFAST 3 Software and Guided Sample Preparation

The STEM 3+ Detector offers 11 individually addressable segments​

  • Thermo Scientific iFAST Software​
    • Developers Kit
      • Visual authoring environment​
      • Full customization of recipes​
      • Control-flow
      • Input and feedback dialogs
    • And iFAST Runner
    • Control elements and activities for Thermo Scientific™ EasyLift™ NanoManipulator​
iFast SDK UI (top)
iFast Runner (bottom)

Process Steps in Guided Sample Preparation​

Guided Sample Preparation​

  • Minimized user interaction. When possible, the microscope sets system conditions required for each recipe step.​
  • User input is requested only when a critical recipe step is encountered.
  • User can abort the recipe at any time.
  • Concise descriptions are included for each recipe step.
Simple point-and-click operations are available to minimize user interactions.
Stage height changes are interactively applied.​
FIB patterns are automatically and accurately placed for every patterning step.​
EasyLift NanoManipulator operation is simplified to a 3-mouse-click lift-out process.​

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xT 10 User Interface Upgrade​

  • Regional localization​
  • Local language support for: Chinese and Korean​
  • Customization​
  • Import/export customized UI and appearance between microscopes​
  • Undo and Redo​
  • Create and store patterning application files directly from UI​
  • Column presets: 6 individual presets for SEM; 6 for ION​
  • Sample Exchange Window​
  • Set system Wake and Sleep states​
  • Set automatic sample cleaning when pumping

All sample information is available from the moment the beam is switched on.

Sample Exchange Window

Most user-friendly next-generation UI​

The transition to the latest technology is fast and easy with the xT User Interface​

  • Familiar menus and shortcuts.
  • Never get lost with Smart Menus that display all of the flexible UI options: function name, icon and keyboard shortcut.​​

Simplified UI for new users.​​

  • Fully customizable UI:​
    • Reposition, add or remove toolbar icons​
    • Create side panels and even make your own shortcuts.
  • It’s like having a personalized interface for every user.

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