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Customer testimonial Kurt Langworthy

"I have worked with FEI my entire career," notes Kurt Langworthy, facility director for CAMCOR (Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon).  During his long tenure at the comprehensive research facility, first as the manager of the Nanofabrication and Imaging facility, and now overseeing the facility's seven core research centers, Mr. Langworthy has worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific's Electron Microscopy (EM) Service to support the TEM (transmission electron microscopes) and SDB (small dualbeam) equipment housed in the University of Oregon lab.

Serving a mix of scientific and industrial customers, the labs Mr. Langworthy oversees provide essential support for material science research, as well as failure analysis for the semiconductor industry.  In order to effectively support this diverse and demanding customer base, Mr. Langworthy must ensure that the instruments in his labs are in peak condition at all times.

Mr. Langworthy notes that Thermo Fisher Scientific has always met his expectations in servicing the EM tools at CAMCOR.  In contrast to other microscopy vendors, Therm Fisher Scientific Field Service Engineers (FSE's) exhibit a high level of expertise, as well as integrity, a positive attitude, and a commitment to effectively support all EM instruments-whether they are legacy systems or the latest TEM.  

Reflecting on his interactions with our Service over the years, Mr. Langworthy particularly appreciates the open communication exhibited by the sales and contract teams, and the positive rapport honed with EM Field Service.  "We've really enjoyed having those relationships," he notes.  Having a precedent of constructive and honest communication means that Mr. Langworthy can reach out to EM Service regarding what is working well, and what could be optimized even more.

"I have respect for everything FEI has done and how they helped us," Mr. Langworthy says.  While he appreciates the quality and competence of our on-site support, he most values the integrity and openness demonstrated by Thermo Fisher Scientific.  When asked if he recommends Thermo Fisher Scientific as a microscopy and service provider, he responds "Absolutely"-highlighting the importance of collaboration and communication when it comes to long-term success.