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Are you interested in next-generation solutions for advanced semiconductor manufacturing?

To meet the challenges of 7nm mode process control and failure analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers three new tools. Because we understand that time is money, all instruments have been designed to provide the fastest time to data, resulting in the lowest cost per sample. The three next-generation systems feature prominent cutting-edge innovations that enable high throughput, improved resolution, automated analysis, and more. These innovations result in more rapid resolution of production issues, enabling faster time to market and, ultimately, greater profitability.

Helios G4 EXL

The Helios G4 EXL DualBeam instrument is the only full-wafer system capable of preparing TEM samples as thin as 7nm. This DualBeam FIB-SEM is flexible enough for use in either the lab or the fab. A variety of technological advances and automation converge to enable more precise low-damage milling, higher resolution imaging, and greater speed and reproducibility.

Metrios DX

The Metrios DX is the only fully automated TEM that provides the resolution and metrology precision required for 7nm process control and root cause analysis. Its workflows integrate high-speed X-ray compositional analysis with drift correction to boost throughput by 2X. Low-voltage operation minimizes sample damage without forfeiting resolution.

ExSolve 2 WTP

The ExSolve 2 WTP DualBeam instrument prepares TEM samples for 10nm and 14nm processes. Many improvements over the first generation have resulted in samples that are 40% thinner and an increase in placement accuracy of 50%. Automated sample preparation is now 2-3 times faster than manual or small DualBeam procedures. This next-generation ExSolve also adds limited semi-automated defect analysis.

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