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TOF-SIMS Detector

Analytical characterization of light elements like Lithium is very challenging or sometimes impossible with techniques available for DualBeam (FIB-SEM) instruments based on the electron signature of the analyzed sample. The same is applicable to high resolution material analysis for samples with very low element concentrations.  The TOF-SIMS detector (Time-of-Flight secondary ion mass spectrometer) enables very sensitive surface analysis for many industrial and research applications. The technique provides detailed elemental and isotopic information about the sample and is capable of depth profiling analysis.

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Key Benefits:

  • Detection and mapping of all elements of the periodic table, including light elements H, Li, B, and C in difficult samples such as low-carbon steels
  • Highest depth and lateral resolution essential for 3D analytical characterization
  • Highest sensitivity elemental analysis at ppm levels
  • High mass resolution
  • Surface composition information
  • Separation and analysis of all isotopes and analytical characterization of their spatial distribution 

Application results: Lithium-ion battery cathode

Lithium Battery SIMS V2

7Li+ distribution map (left) and Li, Ni, Mn and Co elements depth profile (right) in a lithium-ion battery cathode. Horizontal field width (HFW) of the image is 40µm. 


19F- SIMS image shows the distribution of  the polyvinylidene fluoride binder in the lithium-ion battery cathode. SEM/EDS is very challenging for mapping the binder element fluoride distribution, but can be efficiently imaged using SIMS technique.  

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