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HAADF Detector for 200 kV – 300Kv

The High-Angle, Annular Dark Field detector (HAADF) is used in TEM/STEM systems to generate (atomic resolution) dark-field STEM images. This HAADF detector fits into the wide-angle port (below the lowest lens and above the projection chamber) of the Tecnai microscopes.

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Key Benefits:


  • Atomic resolution dark field STEM images
  • Complete reliable solution
  • Easy to operate
  • Works with embedded STEM module
  • Software controlled


Detector dimensions: The YAP is fixed to an aluminum-coated quartz tube, which makes, at the detector end, an angle of 45° with the electron beam. In the plane perpendicular to the beam, the inner diameter of the hole is 4 mm and the outer diameter is 20 mm.

Construction: the detector can be retracted pneumatically, with the possibility of mechanical alignment to center it around the electron beam. The quartz tube links the YAP to the PMT, which is mounted directly onto this tube. The re-positioning accuracy after retraction and reinsertion is < 0.1 mm.

Supporting electronics, pre-amp and pre-amp control boards are included. The module also contains the device driver software and control elements for the pre-amp control board.


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