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Tecnai Microscope Control Upgrade - Version 4.0

Microscope control upgrade contains hardware and software that enhances the ease of operation with embedded application software, ensures the full benefit of your systems' leading edge performance and also prepares your instrument for future developments.

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Key Benefits:

The newest version of the Tecnai Microscope control software, version 4.0 is released January 2010. With this new version, the Tecnai software has evolved into a mature product that offers the most complete functionality of any modern TEM/STEM system currently on the market, with further improved ease of use and reliability. Version 4.0 of the Tecnai user interface runs on Windows XP Professional. Version 4.0 can be retrofitted on you microscope. The offer is depending on your current configuration, installed Software version and hardware.

  • TIA Improvements and New Features
  • Supports over 20 Digital Cameras and Energy Filters/Spectrometers
  • Integration with latest Gatan Gatan Digital Micrograph software (version 1.8.x)
  • Guaranteeing true balance of your Tecnai hardware and software

Depending on your current configuration, installed software version and hardware options we customize the offer to what is required to bring your instrument to the latest standard supporting version 4.0.

Upgrade includes:

  • Tecnai User Interface software version 4.x. Microsoft Windows XP based
  • New Industrial Microscope workstation
  • FireWire adapters for Gatan Camera/Filter (Gatan DMA cards are not supported under Windows XP)
  • PCI data acquisition card for STEM / SpotScan


Important Note:
New functionality will only be available on/supported by version 4.0

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