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Solid-state STEM Detector

Two-segment solid-state STEM detector for high-resolution bright and dark field imaging of FIB-prepared cross sections and critical dimension measurements. The STEM detector is designed to hold up to eight FIB-prepared grids placed on copper-grid supported carbon film.

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Key Benefits:


  •  Uses Transmitted electrons
  •  Operates in All vacuum modes
  •  kV range from 30kV to ~ 5kV
  •  Mounted on stage
  •  It can act as a pre-TEM tool to eliminate the unnecessary bulk of samples that can be analyzed for micro or nano defects, allowing the nano and atomic levels of observation in the TEM to be more efficiently spent.
  •  Reduced EDX mapping resolution due to low scattering effects from thinned sample
  •  Darkfield as well as Brightfield observation allow the operator to retrieve further information about crystalline imperfections such as in metals, ceramics and IC sections.
  •  The loading of samples can be in a large number to facilitate batch processing for defect review at these levels that can take otherwise considerable high cost time in a high-end TEM. Therefore productivity / throughput is added value of this equipment.


  • FIB samples Plucked IC sections on
  • TEM grids
  • Thinned MR/GMR heads for
  • TEM Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Sectioned samples
  • General observation of cellular morphology
  • Gold labeled, Virus Routine pharmaceutical treated bacterial study
  • Autoradiography for genetic study
  • High through-put / pre-TEM survey tool
  • Cultured samples, Metaphase cell cultures


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