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Low-kV, Solid-State Backscattered Electron Detector

The low-kV, solid-state backscattered detector is the preferred choice for phase distribution data collection. It features 0.1 delta Z resolution to differentiate phases with very small atomic number differences by different shades of gray in the image.

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Key Benefits:


  • Ideal for phase distribution data collection
  • Excellent kV range performance, Operates below 5Kv
  • Measures Backscattered electrons
  • 4 Quadrants construction allows independent switching or combination
  • Control of the detector is fully integrated in the main microscope control program e.g. mixing of signals


The detector is symmetrical, minimizing topography contrast mechanisms. The detector consists of four quadrants, which can be switched individually (topo-mode), can be added up (compo mode) or can be subtracted (shadow mode). It can be used at acceleration voltages significantly smaller than 5 kV.

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