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1000 °C Heating Stage

The 1000 °C heating stage is used to heat samples and record in-situ morphological sample changes.

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Key Benefits:

  • Continuous in-situ imaging of live dynamic heating experiments by detector-safe solutions
  • One supplier, total system responsibility for the microscope and the heating device
  • Sample heating in operator selected specimen chamber environments; e.g. inert, and many oxidizing and reducing gases
  • Easy-to-use, Fully software controlled
  • High Accuracy and robust design
  • Includes heat compatible GSE detector
  • Programmable heating cycles


When temperatures exceed 400 °C, the specimen must be covered with a metal heat shield to prevent convective heat loss and to protect the EDX detector. The temperature accuracy is +/- 15 °C. The maximum heating rate is 300 °C/min. The high chamber pressures in ESEM™ mode acts as a buffer against high outgasssing rates in case melting and subsequent evaporation occurs.

The heating stage itself is controlled through a microprocessor-controlled power supply, providing set-point temperature control and LED read-out with 15 ºC accuracy. The stage is fully controlled through the software with the possibility to define ramp/soak profiles.

A dedicated ceramic GSE detector with a special insert is also provided, as the standard GSE and insert should not be used for heating experiments.

5-mm ceramic crucibles can be ordered separately as consumables.

Training is highly recommended to be ordered with the 1000 ºC Heating Stage.

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