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Talos L120C TEM for Life Sciences

Proven performance, ready for the future

Discover the next generation 120kV imaging platform. Key features of the Thermo Scientific™ Talos L120C transmission electron microscope (TEM) include modular design and improved optical stability, yielding unmatched ease of use, productivity, operational comfort, and uptime. The Talos L120C TEM is an ideal solution for entry level cryo-studies, simple point and click imaging, and a highly efficient instrument for tomography and single particle analysis sample screening with standalone options for EDS and STEM.

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Featured News

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Three scientists; Dr. Jacques Dubochet Dr. Joachim Frank, and Dr. Richard Henderson, were awarded the prize for their developments within Cryo-Electron Microscopy.

We are extremely proud of what these researchers and the structural biology community have achieved.

Benefits of the Talos L120C TEM for Life Sciences

More stability.  Robust system enclosure, constant power lenses, and remote operation allow consistent use. 

Automation.  Multiple auto-functions (auto-gun, auto-alignment) improve repeatability and reproducibility of results. 

High-quality imaging.  4k × 4K Ceta CMOS camera provides a large field-of-view and live digital zooming with high sensitivity and high speed. 

Quick sample exchange.  Robust vacuum system provides a contamination-free environment and fast recovery after airlock. 

Data correlation.  MAPS software allows for automated and unattended large-area acquisition at multiple scales.

Cryo-imaging.  Observe cryo-specimen with minimal ice growth and automate single particle analysis imaging with EPU software. 

Featured Document

Talos L120C TEM for Life Sciences Datasheet

The Talos L120C is the instrument of choice for life scientists who need the high-resolution, three-dimensional (3D) imaging and analysis capabilities provided by S/TEM. This versatile and easy-to-use instrument enables all users to access the best scientific results from the microscope, regardless of their experience.

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Automation and Ease of Use

The Talos L120C TEM features easy-to-use software, operating on Windows® 7, which allows for switching between TEM and STEM mode quickly. The Talos L120C TEM offers a high level of automation, allowing complete digital control over multiple microscope components, including the electron gun, optical elements, vacuum system, and stage. Additionally, the user interface allows for smart presets to save multiple operational conditions across many different applications.


Providing a single software solution, the modular MAPS software platform allows for automated and unattended-large area acquisition at multiple scales. MAPS allows for image and data transfer between multiple imaging platforms, such as TEM, SEM, SDB, and Light Microscopes. The Talos L120C TEM user is able to quickly and easily correlate data from multiple imaging platforms, ready for input into the optional Amira software for advanced visualization and analysis.


Sample Protection

An improved vacuum system reduces vacuum recovery after airlock procedure to less than one minute, resulting in quick sample exchange. This new vacuum system is also more robust, providing an optimal contamination-free environment with a contamination rate of ≤ 1·104 nm3 per minute. Integrated application software allows for observation of cryo specimens with minimal ice growth, measured at less than 0.7 nm per hour.

Ready for the Future

With the potential to address multiple applications, the Talos L120C TEM is an ideal entry-level solution for imaging and tomography, and it can be configured as a basic cryo-TEM imaging platform. Fully upgradeable and able to expand as your research requirements and ambitions grow, the Talos L120C TEM will meet your needs, whether those needs are in Cryo or Room Temperature or 2D imaging or 3D imaging and multi-modality imaging experiments.

2D thin section of positively stained muscle tissue @ 3400 scale
@ 17500 scale
Negative stain image of DNA origami particles (sample courtesy of Thomas Martin, MRC LMB Cambridge) @ 22000 scale
@ 57000 scale
STEM thick section image of yeast cells (sample courtesy of Wanda Kukulski, MRC LMB Cambridge, UK)
@ 35000 scale